View of Obbola Paper mill

Obbola Paper Mill

SCA Obbola produces packaging paper for consumer and transport packaging, largely based on fresh wood fibre.

SCA has been present in Obbola for more than 100 years. Initially, only kraft pulp was produced and in 1975, the world's broadest paper machine for kraftliner production was inaugurated. We are very proud of our modern plant, which, after considerable investment, now has a completely new pulp mill.

We have expanded the paper mill further and built a new paper machine. The production will  increase from the current 450,000 tons of kraftliner per year to 725,000 tons of kraftliner per year.

We call our product Kraftliner, which is a robust, unbleached paper that comprises the surface layer of corrugated board.

The worlds largest paper machine

Packaging paper machine

Production and capacity