SCA Optimisation Programme

The SCA Optimisation Programme is designed to make your design and corrugation processes as efficient as possible.

A key component of this is the Corrugator Performance Assessment, which involves a complete assessment of your corrugator’s performance with concrete recommendations to improve runability, efficiency and quality. Another component is SCA Smart Box, a digital simulation tool that lets you explore different designs without the risk of wasted materials, time or money.

Get the most out of your corrugator

Why are there variations in your corrugation process? Is it running as well as it could? What causes deviations in product quality? If there’s warp, where is it originating? Don’t guess. The SCA Corrugated Performance Audit will give you the answers.

Conducted over three days by a team of specialists in corrugator and paper technology, this hands-on analysis and implementation programme evaluates corrugator data, analyses the end product, makes recommendations to optimize quality, efficiency, and productivity – and implements the changes.

This includes fine-tuning parameters to better control heat and glue, instructions for best use of our liners on the corrugator, and improvements in running lightweight liners. As a result, you’ll get higher quality in your final board, improvements in converting and printing, reduced time and cost, increased operator knowledge, and a complete health-check of your machinery.

Think inside the Smart Box

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Corrugated boxes loaded on top of each other

Starch consumption went from 80–100 tons/month to 62 tons/month

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We are seeing a significant reduction in energy consumption

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