Certified forest management

SCA's forest management is certified according to both FSC® and PEFC. This means that we comply with the guidelines for responsible forestry.

SCA's forest management acquired FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®) in 1999 (FSC® 004466). SCA's forest management was also certified according to PEFC (PEFC/05-23-131), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, in November 2011.

The certifications means that we comply with the FSC's and PEFC's guidelines for responsible forestry and it is checked at least annually by independent auditors.

SCA's forest holdings in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is also certified.

Certified products

By managing our forests according to FSC and PEFC, we can sell certified wood which can be used to manufacture FSC and PEFC certified products. It is required to be able to follow the entire chain from the forest to the finished product and this chain is also controlled by independent auditors.

SCA is one of the world's largest suppliers of certified forest products. SCA's sawn timber, pulp, containerboard, pellets, tall oil and turpentine can be purchased as FSC and PEFC certified products. 

Environmental certification

SCA's forest management is also certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. This standard helps us work systematically with environmental issues and gradually reduce our negative environmental impacts.

Monitoring and evaluation of our certified forestry

Monitoring and evaluation 2023