Bioenergy - the entire tree is used

By using all parts of the tree, we utilize the tree’s full potential. Our residual products become energy.

Residual products become sustainable energy

Bark becomes energy at the sawmill and for our customers. Sawlogs are made into long-lasting solid-wood products, chips are used for pulp, and sawdust – a residual product from the sawmill – is used in pellets production. Branches and crowns, which are collected already in the forest, are used for forest chips and bulk brash.

We are one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of forest-based biofuels and our wide range of fuels enables the delivery of wood-fuel mixtures based on your requirements.

Own production and logistics ensure long-term and reliable deliveries.  The raw material is carefully checked – we monitor the entire chain from forest to customer. 

For companies – buy and sell biofuels

Corporate market

The entire tree is used


Our product range – biofuel from the forest

By-products from sawmills

When timber is sawn, we utilize residual products, such as sawdust, wood shavings, bark and dried wood chips. Bark and dried wood chips are supplied unrefined while sawdust and shavings are refined into pellets and briquettes.

Felling residue

The extraction of brash (branches and crowns) from the forest is primarily conducted after harvesting in spruce-dominated forest on healthy forest land. Harvesting is preceded by brash-adapted felling, whereby we place branches and crowns in piles by the side of the harvester’s route as the trees are felled. We deliver brash to our customers, either in the form of forest chips or as bulk brash (unchipped).

Fuel wood and stemwood chips

Fuel wood comprises trees and parts of trees that are not suitable for the pulp and sawmill industry’s processes. This could be trees with root rot or other defects. Fuel wood is delivered to our customers as roundwood or chipped (stem chips).

Recycled biofuel

Recycled wood chips. Recycled wood chips are made by crushing or chipping old packaging, formwork or recycled building material, and waste from renovation or rebuilding work.

Biofuel from industry

Wood raw materials that cannot be used in the industries become biofuel. By-products from sawmills, such as bark, sawdust and dry chips, become fuel and the cellulose chips are used as raw material to industry.

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