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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability will be a fundamental, guiding principle for all operations within SCA. SCA is strongly committed to the sustainable development of its business, taking economic, environmental and social aspects into account.

SCA feels that transparency about its sustainability work is an important basic principle. SCA seeks dialogue with various stakeholders in order to develop its practices and make relevant priorities. SCA demands the same transparency from its suppliers and subcontractors.

SCA’s Code of Conduct serves as the foundation for the Group’s sustainability work.

SCA is to: 

  • Actively strive to constantly improve health and safety at the workplaces and have a vision of zero workplace accidents
  • Develop together with the communities in which the company is active
  • Be an inclusive employer that advocates diversity and enables its employees to achieve their full potential
  • conduct its operations in a manner that has the least impact on people, the environment and property, and at the very least corresponds to the applicable regulatory requirements
  • Strive to increase resource efficiency both in its own operations and through the company’s products and services
  • Assess the environmental impact of its products in various stages of their lifespan and include suppliers and customers in this process
  • Promote the use of appropriate and recognized standards for environmental management
  • Continuously review and challenge its objectives and targets in order to reduce the company’s environmental and climate impact
  • Adopt a long-term perspective in its efforts. A prerequisite for this is the Group’s profitability
  • Make continuous improvements and develop the competencies of employees in order to achieve the Group’s targets and long-term strategy