New pulp mill for CTMP

The burgeoning global CTMP market, complemented by our wealth of experience and proficiency in mechanical pulp, has driven us to inaugurate a state-of-the-art pulp mill at the Ortviken industrial site with a capacity of 300,000 tons.

The Ortviken industrial site is the perfect location for the new CTMP facility. Modern equipment from the closed paper production could be reused, and with a new investment of 1.45 billion, the new factory was inaugurated on May 16, 2023.

In the production of chemical thermomechanical pulp, CTMP, wood chips are treated with sodium sulfite and steam before being ground into pulp, which is then bleached with hydrogen peroxide. We produce the sodium sulfite ourselves from sulfur dioxide and sodium hydroxide.

The factory is designed to offer a wide range of pulp products and the flexibility to tailor them to meet the specific needs of customers around the globe. Enabled by the availability of and expertise in handling various wood types, including pine, spruce, aspen, contorta, and particularly birch. A versatile yet challenging raw material, setting SCA apart as one of the very few pulp producers in the world capable of effectively processing it. Moreover, the integration of new technology and equipment has further enhanced environmental performance.

Safety first