Each individual is part of the whole. Become one of our 4,100 employees and work with the wealth of the forest for a sustainable future.



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Degree projects

Researchers and doctoral students

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When the living environment is significant

SCA is located in northern Sweden. Whatever job you do, it’s close to nature. The mountains, the coast and inland rivers, as well as the valleys, are all part of your everyday life.

Solnedgång i skogen NorderåsenSunset in the forest Norderåsen

Five seasons

Burgeoning spring, the light nights of summer, colorful autumn and a real winter of northern lights. Norrland also offers a wonderful early spring, when the snow is still deep and the sun is shining.

Pojke och flicka vid trädstam i skogen. Boy and girl standing by tree in the forest

For you and your family

Outdoor activities for both excitement and recharging the batteries. Enriching culture, events and city life. Norrland has a friendly pace of life for you and your family.

Vacker skog.

Where do you want to live?

In the city, a bit outside it, or in the countryside? Our modern production facilities are located such that you can choose how you want to live.


Our headquarters

Our headquarters and research center are located in Sundsvall. This is also the location of Mid Sweden University, a large variety of industries and a broad offering of cultural and outdoor activities.

Hanna Norgren Bogrunden.jpeg

Hanna Norgren

Strategic Purchaser, SCA Logistics



Jeanette Ögren

Maintenance Supervisor, SCA Underhåll


Sara Starrsjö.png

Sara Starrsjö

Industrial doctoral, R&D Centre


Martin Obbola.png

Martin Lundgren

Process operator, Obbola paper mill


Karlolof Boman.png

Karlolof Boman

Wood purchaser, Lycksele


Our professions

All of our jobs have the force of the forest as their lowest common denominator. At our offices and production facilities, you can work with everything from operating technology to innovation management.

Our professions

Our professions
Our professions