SCA Innovation Programme

How much could you gain from a focused and controlled way of brainstorming new ideas? Not pie-in-the-sky ideas, but concepts with practical business potential and even preliminary designs. This is exactly what the SCA Innovation Programme is all about.

Grow with the power of innovation

Tailored to your specific goals, the Innovation Race is typically a 2-day event focused on speeding up the innovation process and stimulating creativity to generate new concepts. Using an interdisciplinary approach, we inject new inspiration into your organization and improve integration between different units and departments.

Inspiration and structure to guarantee results

The Innovation Race follows a method and structure that guarantees the best conditions for new ideas to see the light of day – while also ensuring their feasibility, applicability and market potential.

Every innovation race starts with an inspirational session on trends, market analysis, technical development, etc. to set the direction, break the ice and create extra innovative energy. From here on, the innovation race is all about the participants and the proven structure they follow to get results. The structure relies on the leadership of the Race Management, as well as the Back-office Team which supports the participants in their work.

R&D Labs

As part of the Innovation Programme, we also offer the services of our skilled R&D teams. Working closely with them, you will learn how to get the creative juices flowing quickly and reliably. You’ll also benefit from access to a number of labs where you can develop and test prototypes, and our Perceptual Studies Lab will give you a chance to analyse the appearance of your prints.

We had an innovation race where we decided which product to focus on developing. Since then we have seen a much more committed organization that has worked determinedly to succeed in development.

, Customer Testimonial

Organising these types of races is both time and cost-efficient, and they generate lots of interesting ideas in relation to the time they take to implement

, Customer Testimonial