Early dialogue

SCA offers the opportunity for early dialogue that takes place before the statutory consultation process begins for a possible wind power establishment.

There is an opportunity to submit comments and or questions even before SCA has signed a right of use agreement with a project developer and until the permit has become legally binding. The views will be compiled by SCA and shared with the project developer. However, this applies only for projects which become relevant and start the formal process of filing an application for an environmental permit. There is also the possibility to request a physical meeting before the formal process of starting the project development has started. If this is the case, please let us know and choose the right button in the contact form. 

An overview of all project areas on SCA's land that are in progress of being developed or already are in operations are shown in the map function below. For more information click on each project area. Areas have been classified according to the different project phases for example ”early dialogue", "construction", "development", and "commissioned". For external projects, we refer to the respective project developer.

Areas that may have the right conditions for a future establishment, but where no planning has begun, are classified as "early dialogue". 


To submit comments or question in relation to a certain project area of interest please use the contact form below.

Early dialogue

To submit your comments for the current project area, please fill in the information in the form below. If a project will change its status and start the formal process of filing an application for an environmental permit SCA will pass on your information to the project developer for the area and give them an opportunity to give you feedback. The specific names of the areas in question can be found in the map. * indicates mandatory fields which need to be filled in

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