A child peeking out from behind a tree.

What sustainability means to us

The world is facing a green transition – and it cannot wait. We must stop using products that are based on fossil material and fossil energy to move toward a green economy, with climate-smart products that mean fossil carbon can stay in the ground. The forest offers unique opportunities in this area.

By using carbon dioxide, sunlight and water, trees create a sustainable raw material. They provide us with everything from timber to build houses to energy to heat our homes.

SCA takes care of our forests so they grow vigorously. This means they are constantly binding more carbon dioxide, while we have access to more climate-smart material.  
And when we harvest a tree, we ensure that we use every part of the entire tree in the best possible way, from the most valuable sawlogs to bark and sawdust. It means we can maximize the benefits – and minimize wastage. We also do as much good as possible for the climate.

The forest provides not only valuable raw materials, but many more values than this. It provides a haven for many flora and fauna, creates jobs, offers fantastic nature experiences and increases our sense of well-being. We ensure that the species that inhabit our forests can continue to do so while also protecting and developing the forest’s other values.

We create as much value as possible – both in the forest and from the renewable raw materials from the forest. With the force of the forest, we contribute to a sustainable society.

Sustainability strategy and targets

Our sustainability targets

Swedish forest industries’ road to the future

SCA is one of 220 member companies that through the Swedish Forest Industries has presented three pledges for 2040: climate benefit, circular society and biodiversity. Together, we are shaping the future. Read more at the Swedish Forest Industries website.