We are driven by the force of the forest

The core of SCA's business is the growing forest.

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Summer in our forests

SCA's forests offer many great experiences, especially during the summer. For example, you can visit one of our diversity parks, go on a fishing trip or look for butterflies. Just bear in mind the the motto of the Swedish Right of Public Acess: "Do not disturb - do not destroy". Welcome to our forests!

Welcome to our forest

SCA creates climate benefits every day

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Sustainability permeates everything we do

Limiting global warming is one of today's biggest challenges. As a forest company, we want to contribute and be part of the solution.

We use the entire tree

Your partner for change

Trees and humans


Our offering

  • Forest owners

    You must get the most out of your forest property. Owning a forest should be simple and safe.

  • Solid-wood products

    Our products consist of high-quality raw materials from northern Sweden. The products are manufactured in Sweden.

  • Pulp

    Our pulp products are made from trees from our forests in northern Sweden and have a very strong environmental profile.

  • Containerboard

    We are your independent partner offering fresh fiber-based Kraftliner products of premium quality.

  • Renewable energy

    We are one of Europe's largest producers of forest-based bioenergy with a total production of approximately 10.8 TWh per year.

  • Logistics

    SCA Logistics provides comprehensive sea and land transport services within Europe and to overseas markets.