Get more of your design process

SCA Smart Box is an innovative digital tool that can optimize the box design process and find ways to save time and money. This clever simulator lets you trial designs, quick and easy and without the risk.

Brown boxes

SCA Smartbox serves as a comprehensive platform, consolidating knowledge and insights related to the design of corrugated board and packaging. This simulation tool enables customers to experiment with various designs, minimizing the risk of unnecessary resource consumption, both in terms of materials and the expenditure of time and money.

With SCA Smart Box you get:

  • Reduced costs through reduced mistakes
  • An insight into performance over time
  • The ability to compare board and box properties side by side
  • The possibility to evaluate different corrugated cardboard without material costs
  • Technical basis for material selection
  • Information on carbon footprint to understand environmental impact

Contact for Smart Box

Olle Söderström, Product Development Manager

Olle Söderström

Product Development Manager