Crisis communication

SCA strives for crisis communication that is fast, correct and appropriate for its target groups. When necessary, we coordinate our communication with organizations that are responsible for the provision of essential services, such as fire and rescue services, municipalities and county administrative boards.

We have procedures in place for responding to a crisis and a clear delegation of responsibilities. The Senior Vice President Sustainability and Communications is responsible for communication.

SCA’s website ( is the hub where all crisis information is gathered. We also communicate via other channels depending on the situation, including special information meetings or social media.

During a crisis, SCA issues current and up-to-date information to the press, radio and television. During events that affect local residents and the general public, we cooperate with SOS Alarm and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). They operate the 113 13 phone number and the emergency website, which publishes information for the general public.

SCA’s employees are informed via the intranet and other internal channels, while journalists are referred to SCA’s press office (tel. +46 60-19 33 01). 

Press contact

Robert Östholm,  Press manager

Robert Östholm

Press manager