SCA Pure is our new premium-quality, northern bleached sotfwood kraft pulp, NBSK, with highly consistent quality and strong environmental performance, complying with both FSC® and PEFC™. It offers high strength properties, available as both TCF and ECF. SCA Pure is available in a broad range to meet specific customer demands, with varying brightness levels and unique properties for different applications. We have chosen to name it SCA Pure, referring to its qualities of pure performance, pure profitability, and pure sustainability.

TCF ECF SCA Pure grafisk bild

Premium pulp only

SCA Pure will be offered both as TCF and ECF in various product grades and with different brightnesses

• TCF 80
• TCF 85
• ECF 80
• ECF 85
• ECF 90

The best pulp, for the best applications, and for the best bottom line

SCA Pure offers the highest quality of TCF and ECF pulp, with radically improved strength, certified as both FSC and PEFC. SCA Pure is sourced from our forests, and here up north, in our cold climate, trees grow slowly resulting in strong and slender fibres ideal for making high quality pulp.
In fact, it is the outstanding performance of our new mill, combined with the extremely high quality of our raw material, that will allow us to produce this new premium pulp with its world-class features and benefits.
Our new facility also enables us to minimise our already low carbon footprint with another 50 percent, giving SCA Pure an outstanding environmental profile. Something that over time will become increasingly important to our customers, and their customers - including, amongst others, consumers around the world.

SCA Pure in brief

SCA Pure will offer additional improvements compared with our current top- performing pulp.

• High strength skills

• High cleanliness

• Extremely good runnability 

• Stability and consistency will be top class

• Available both FSC mix and PEFC