We turn the power of forests into renewable energy

We can see growth and business opportunities in wind, bioenergy and biofuels. Rising demand for renewable and climate-friendly energy combined with the need for alternatives to oil and gas provide us with good potential to make a further contribution to the energy transition – by providing and developing sustainable energy.

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As Europe’s largest private forest owner, SCA owns large areas of land with favorable wind conditions. In Renewable Energy, we are developing wind power projects – independently or together with partners. Our objective as we move forward is to build, operate and own our own wind power to produce green electricity on SCA’s land. 

SCA is one of the largest suppliers of forest-based biofuels in Sweden, as unrefined residual products from the forest and industry, and as refined fuels in the form of pellets. Our pellets are produced at several different plants in Sweden and through collaboration we manage the sale of additional pellets volumes. 

Renewable Energy also develops products for the next-generation of fuels and green chemicals. SCA has formed a joint venture with the Finnish energy company St1 to produce biofuels. A major fuel investment is being prepared at the Östrand pulp mill together with St1. 

We see growth opportunities in the renewable energy sector, where we have announced plans to grow our presence in wind power and bio-based energy. Our ambition is that renewable energy will be a long-term value driver for SCA.

Ulf Larsson, President and CEO

Deliveries 2023

At the end of 2023, the capacity for wind power production on SCA’s land was 9.0 TWh per year, equivalent to about 20% of the total wind power production in Sweden. In 2023, SCA produced 11,1 TWh of bioenergy. 9,3 TWh was used in SCA’s own plants and 1,8 TWh was delivered to external customers.

Reports and presentations
  • 9TWh

    Wind power on SCA land
  • 11.1TWh

    produced bioenergy
  • 300,000tonnes

    wood pellets
Reports and presentations
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy