Whistleblower system

If you notice or suspect irregularities or other misconduct linked to SCA’s operations, it is important that you report this immediately. By raising your voice, you are helping to protect SCA’s employees and brand.

SCA encourages you to be open with your identity, though it is possible to submit a completely anonymous report in our whistleblower system. However, an anonymous report may be more difficult to investigate and follow up.

The whistleblower system is an encrypted reporting channel provided by an external supplier.

We will always take violations of the Code of Conduct very seriously.

Submit a report

You can submit your report here

How will your report be handled?

Reported cases are handled by independent and autonomous functions appointed by each business unit within SCA. All cases are handled and investigated confidentially, promptly and professionally.

You will receive feedback from SCA once you have submitted your report and you will also receive updates on the progress of the case. The amount of information that can be provided is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends, among other things, on what privacy considerations are deemed necessary.

Protection of reporters

Anyone who reports a genuine suspicion in good faith is protected against any form of retaliation and other unfavorable treatment because of it. This protection also applies to anyone associated with a reporter, such as relatives, colleagues or anyone who has helped with the reporting. SCA also does not tolerate retaliation because someone has approached their labor organization to consult on reporting. Similarly, it is strictly prohibited to prevent or attempt to prevent anyone from seeking such consultation.

Processing of personal data in whistleblowing cases

SCA processes personal data only to the extent it is necessary to assess and investigate a reported case, or if it is required in order to be able to provide such information that is necessary for measures to be taken in relation to the findings in a case, for reports to be used as evidence in legal proceedings or to fulfill disclosures made in accordance with law or regulation. Personal data processed in the context of a case are deleted as soon as the purpose of the processing ceases and no later than two years after the end of the investigation. Personal data that are clearly not relevant to the processing of a particular report are not collected and should be deleted as soon as possible if they have been collected by mistake.

As a reporter, you have the right to request in writing, free of charge, information about the personal data we process about you. You may at any time request that we rectify any inaccurate information about you. You also have the right to object to our processing, ask us to erase or restrict the personal data we hold about you and for us to provide you with a copy of that personal data. We may have the right to deny your request if it would hinder the investigation or involves a risk of destroying evidence.

If you are dissatisfied with how we process your personal data, please contact the SCA’s GDPR management organization via the link: Privacy notice – GDPR below. You also have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority:

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection
Box 8114
104 20 Stockholm
E-mail: imy@imy.se