SCA in the Baltics

SCA has acquired around 70.000 hectares land assets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In Estonia and Latvia, we also have wood purchasing operations.

map forest hodlings Baltic

Our forest holdings

The acquisition in Latvia are mainly located on the Northern/North-Eastern region of Latvia. The assets consist mainly of self-rejuvenated forests. This means there are more deciduous than we normally have in our Swedish forests, but there are also great spruce stands. 

The acquisition in Estonia are located on the two islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa and on main land. The forest consist mainly of pine, but also some birch.

The acquisition in Lithuania consist of mostly forest land with pine. The properties are spread across Lithuania, with a concentration in the country’s southeast regions and relatively close to the capital of Vilnius.

SCA's forests management in the Estonia and Latvia is certified under FSC® and PEFC and in Lithuania according to FSC®. We are also certified in accordance with ISO 14001. All felling operations is done with local contractors.


We have wood purchasing company in Estonia and Latvia, responsible for purchasing pulpwood as required for SCA's Swedish industrial operations. We operate through proprietary terminals, Kunda and Pärnu in Estonia and Skulte in Latvia.

We also purchase shiploads from other locations. The timber is then shipped by SCA Logistics to the industrial unit that requires the raw material. Beside the forest management we sell cutting rights and offers hunting and agricultural land lease. Link below only in Latvian.

More about SCA in the Baltics

Information about SCA's operations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - in each country's language.