Nature conservation in other forest operations

Harvesting is not the only operation that requires nature conservation planning. In other forest operations, such as soil scarification, pre-commercial thinning, thinning and road construction, planning is also essential for effective nature conservation measures.

pre-commercial thinning

When we are planning for harvesting operations, we also plan the nature conservation measures to be taken during the soil scarification process that follows harvesting.

These include not scarifying flushes and avoiding driving over them. Neither do we scarify close to protective covers or buffer zones left around watercourses. We also avoid damaging the root systems of standing trees and high stumps.

During pre-commercial thinning operations, we promote high timber production while also preserving significant natural environments. Pre-commercial thinning is adapted to the variations that exist in the forest. We select the trees to save for the future and the stocks to be removed.

Important nature conservation measures during pre-commercial thinning include leaving sallow, mountain ash and asp, and saving large numbers of deciduous trees in the buffer zones around watercourses. Flushes and small areas of marsh comprised of wetlands must not be thinned.