Forest Business Accelerator

SCA is cooperating with start-ups through the Forest Business Accelerator. The Accelerator, which merges forest development with digitalization and entrepreneurship, is a joint venture between SCA, IBM, RISE Processum and the Bizmaker business incubator.

The Accelerator program offers selected forest startups tailored business coaching for commercialization and internationalization. We view this venture as an opportunity to build new relationships and to initiate cooperation that contributes toward the renewal of our industry.

Forest Business Accelerator 2022

Reselo AB. Develops a new material from Swedish forest raw materials that can replace plastic and rubber.

Flasheye AB. Works with an intelligent LIDAR system for monitoring in, for example, large industrial environments.

Biosorbe AB. Working with a new material that can absorb oil up to 10 times its own weight.

Helios Innovation AB  (In swedish). Stands behind a new technology for efficient evaporation using waste heat from industries. The technology can also be used for desalination of seawater.

MicroDri AB. Have worked out a new way to dry wood with microwaves.

Contact, please visit the incubator Bizmaker's website about Forest Business Accelerator