Forest Business Accelerator

SCA is cooperating with start-ups through the Forest Business Accelerator. The Accelerator, which merges forest development with digitalization and entrepreneurship, is a joint venture. Participants is the business incubator Bizmaker, SCA, IBM and RISE through Biorefinery Cluster.

The Accelerator program offers selected forest start-ups tailored business coaching for commercialization and internationalization. We view this venture as an opportunity to build new relationships and to initiate cooperation that contributes toward the renewal of our industry.

Forest Business Accelerator 2023

The following five companies participated in the Forest Business Accelerator 2023, this year's program ended during the spring 2024.

Bright Day Graphene Manufactures graphene from renewable resources with unique properties optimized for energy storage.

Zigrid Has developed a solution to produce electricity from low temperatures that are not currently being used.

Diri Safety Solutions Offers companies a digital risk management tool to facilitate risk assessments at work and expand systematic work environment management.

Original Creation Offers a transparent traceability system that unites actors within the entire material flow chain and streamlines customers' sustainability reporting.

Flox (Swedish site) Designs, develops and deploys autonomous technologies to keep wildlife out of areas where they shouldn't be.

Contact, please visit the incubator Bizmaker's website about Forest Business Accelerator

SCAs coordinator for Forest Business Accelerator: Hans Johansson, Senior Research  Specialist, SCA R&D Centre, tfn: +46 70 378 98 38

Picture above: Malin Alpsten, CEO and co-founder at Bright Day Graphene together with Pelle Berglund, BizMaker and Hans Johansson, SCA during the kick off-meeting of Forest Business Accelerator 2023.

Forest Business Accelerator