Pellets can counteract climate change

Our pellet products only contain wood shavings of known and acceptable origin and production uses almost entirely renewable energy. Pellets can counteract climate change.

With the force of the forest, we contribute to a fossil-free society 

Sustainability is a natural part of how we work.

Our forests are responsibly managed from a long-term perspective.  The aim is to have at least as much timber, biodiversity and nature experiences in the future as we have today.

The forest is the origin for our products.

A renewable raw material around which we have created an efficient value chain. Our industrial processes are currently 95% fossil-free as a result of the bioenergy yielded by the forest. Our goal is that these should become completely fossil free.

When we harvest forest we make use of the entire tree.

Part of the tree is converted by our sawmills into solid-wood products, other parts become, for example, pulp in our facilities. The remainder becomes bioenergy. Branches and crowns are directly used as biofuel and when timber is sawn we utilize the sawdust and refine this into pellets. Therefore, we do not harvest trees solely to produce pellets. 

When manufacturing pellets we use almost exclusively sustainable energy.

The sawdust dryer at the Härnösand pellets plant is run on bioenergy. The electricity used in our pellets plants in Härnösand and Stugun is largely from wind power, generated on SCA’s own forest land. Waste heat from the pellets plant in Härnösand is also delivered to the district heating grid in Härnösand. The pellets plant in Luleå is connected to SSAB and the drying process uses part of SSAB’s local energy surplus, which means pellets can be manufactured with limited environmental impact.

The times we live in require change and you have the power to make this happen.

We have made some progress in our work for a fossil-free society. But our work to reduce climate impact and limit global warming is continuously ongoing. We hope you can also make a contribution through sustainable choices in your everyday life.

It can begin with just a few pellets.

Reduced carbon footprint – 60 tonnes of new plastic saved