Close-up of a happy employee in an industrial setting.

Value-based culture

SCA has a value-based culture that is an integrated part of the way we interact with people, conduct business and operate. The culture is based on our core values – responsibility, respect and excellence – and our Code of Conduct helps us to translate these into practice.

Supporting sustainability targets and outcome 2023:

Target: All employees receive training in the Code of Conduct
Outcome: 98%.

Target: Purchasing from suppliers who share SCA’s values, >98% of contract suppliers have approved SCA’s Supplier Standard.
Outcome: 98%.

Target: No workplace accidents resulting in absence.
Outcome: LTA frequency rate 4.3 accidents resulting in absence, per million hours worked.

Target: Develop leaders who can address future needs.
Outcome: Green rating on leadership index. 

Target: Employees who grow and develop.
Outcome: Green rating on engagement index.

We are a responsible company with a high level of integrity both among employees and suppliers. SCA’s Code of Conduct includes principles on business ethics, relationships to employees, health and safety, respect for human rights and the environment. It is our compass that helps us translate our core values into actions.

Efforts to promote sound business practices, good working conditions and well-being all start from the Code, but that is not where they end. To follow through on these efforts, we analyze risks, train employees, inspect our own and suppliers’ plants.

Our purpose

Our core values