A person walking in the forest.

Our sustainability platform

Sustainability work is integrated into our operations and our business decisions. Basically, we create as much value as possible, both in the forest and from the renewable raw materials provided by our forest.

Our sustainability platform comprises six prioritized areas that encompass social, economic and environmental targets. The basis of our work is a value-based culture and profitable growth. A value-based culture is about how we interact with each other and our stakeholders, while profitable growth is essential if we are to invest in sustainability and advance developments.

Using this as a foundation, we can successfully work with our four other areas: Fossil-free world, Valuable forests, Efficient use of resources and Sustainable development. We have long-term overarching Group targets and supporting targets for all six areas, which guide our priorities. The targets are to be reached by 2030.

Fossil-freeworld Valuableforests Efficientuse of resources Sustainabledevelopment Profitable growthValue-based culture

More about our areas of priority

UN Global Goals

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