Lightweight through heavyweight

This is our high-performance Kraftliner designed to cut costs and reduce waste. Thanks to its higher grammage, applications that would normally require a double wall board can
be handled by a single wall board instead.


SCA Kraftliner Heavy Duty is produced with a base layer of mainly fresh fibre and a surface layer of the finest unbleached fibre for excellent strength, long-life durability and maximum protection.


It is ideal for extremely heavy goods such as completely knocked down (CKD) cars, as well as for other industrial applications in which protecting the value of goods is critical. Important segments are the automotive, electronics and furniture industries.

Myth busters

Myth: Paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre.

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Why less is more

As you probably know, building a winning team isn’t always about who you add. Sometimes it’s about who you take away.

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440 gsm

Only European producer

SCA Kraftliner Heavy Duty
SCA Kraftliner Heavy Duty