Building in wood is the future

SCA has chosen to focus above all on the wood industry and building materials trade. Two market segments where the properties of our unique raw material are in demand and where the prospects for profitable growth are judged to be the best. Our business must contribute to the entire log generating wood products with the best possible profitability.

With our slow grown forests in the North of Sweden, we have the best conditions for producing high-quality wood products. Adapted to our different customers and segments based on needs. Our wood has a high proportion of heartwood and small twigs, which makes it suitable for visible wood, interior use and products with high quality requirements, such as interior and exterior panels.

As a supplier to the wood processing industry, we manufacture customized products that fit well into the customers' further processing. The customers are mainly manufacturers of furniture, doors, windows, floors and ceilings. Products for packaging are also an important part of our range. Read more about our different product segments below.

Sawn wood products

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Wood Solutions for Industrial Buildings

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Wood Solutions for merchants