Skogberget wind farm

SCA has acquired its first wind farm, Skogberget. The wind farm has 36 wind turbines and is located in Markbygden, Piteå municipality, northern Sweden.

The park is located within an area which has been designated by the Swedish Energy Agency as a national interest for wind farms and consists of a total of 36 turbines with a total installed capacity of about 85 MW.

The annual electricity production from the site is estimated at close to 200 GWh. The park has been in operation since 2014 and has approximately 22 years technical lifetime left.

Key facts

  • 36pcs

  • 184m

  • 85MW

    Installed capacity
  • 200GWh

    Annual production

Health and safety

Blue berries

With a zero accident vision, we work for an accident-free and healthy SCA.

The project is available for picking berries or mushrooms, hunting or hiking. But it is important to pay respect to the warning signs in the wind farm as well as the local weather conditions.

In certain weather conditions, it is dangerous to stay near wind turbines. This applies when there is a risk of ice throws from the wind turbines and in the event of thunder. In general, the risk of being hit by falling pieces of is very small, but ice formation does occur. The risk is grates at temperatures around -2 and +2 degrees, especially in fog or in combination with rain. In these weather conditions, you should not be closer than 250 m from the wind turbines.

Map Skogberget