Pellets designed for our four-legged friends

Do you want a comfortable, soft but firm bed for your horse? Easier daily routine in the stable, with less dust and a slowly growing manure pile? While safeguarding both horse health and the environment? Then SCA’s Stallpellets are the right bedding for you!

About SCA’s Stallpellets

SCA’s Stallpellets are soft-compacted, fine wood shavings with a special mix of spruce and pine to:

  • offer the best absorbency
  • quickly expand to several times their own volume
  • easily dissolve to fine sawdust
  • provide a brighter, fresher and easier stable environment

Our Stallpellets are manufactured from pure sawdust from Swedish forests and are also FSC® certified and carry the Bra Miljöval eco-label. A product specially designed for the livestock industry. Stallpellets contain no additives or impurities – only natural wood savings.

Each Stallpellets sack contains 14 kg and a full pallet contains 60 sacks. Stallpellets are not the same product as wood fuel pellets. SCA’s Stallpellets are designed specially for the livestock industry.

FSC® – The mark of responsible forestry

SCAs Stallpellets is FSC®-certified according to FSCs Chain of Custody standard (FSC®C023232). That implies that the wood raw material has its origin in sustainable forestry and that we have control of the whole chain, from forest to pellet.

Bra Miljöval eco-label

Not only is the stable environment important, but also the impact stable products have on the environment.

SCA’s Stallpellets product has been approved for the Bra Miljöval eco-label from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Moreover, Stallpellets are delivered in environmentally friendly paper sacks. As an animal owner, you can be proud of making a good and sustainable choice when you buy SCA’s Stallpellets.

How to order