SCA Supply Programme

Our tailor-made logistics service programme includes all the components in the supply chain. Together we work to identify and minimise your cost drivers. You’ll get full control over your inventory, more efficient deliveries, less administrative work, and a more secure supply. The SCA Supply Programme offers you a complete overview of the entire process — from order to doorstep delivery.

Optimising your supply chain

The entire supply chain consists of a series of variables that each play an important role in the supply and logistics flow and directly influence performance. The SCA Supply Programme evaluates these variables in detail and reviews how well your needs correlate with your logistics structure.

You set the demands

We start with a meeting to identify your challenges and goals, as well as your demands and expectations for the programme. We then undertake a full review of the entire supply chain, analysing the workflow – both yours and ours. This includes everything from IT systems, ordering, confirmation, delivery, invoicing and payments to logistics, storing, correct handling and final delivery to your customers.

Delivering results

Optimising your supply chain with SCA also allows you to make full use of our additional services – Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Variable Period Commencing Order (VPC) and more.


With VMI we monitor and manage your supply chain for you. As the inventory is used, we replenish the right products at the right time, making your deliveries more reliable and secure. We strongly recommend VMI as best practice, whether it’s applied to the full inventory or only to selected products.

Because it removes the need to place and keep track of orders, VMI optimises your use of resources, reduces administrative work, and improves over-all efficiency all the way to when the last roll is used. We keep track of everything, including ordering, inventory and availability. We are on time and always flexible to meet your specific needs.


With VPC we produce and deliver ordered volumes to a point of shipment, and these will be held for delivery to customers for a set period of time. During the VPC period the customer pulls from the ordered volume until the entire order is delivered. The VPC service concept is ideal for customers who need more flexibility and shorter lead times.

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