Wood pellets

Our pellet products only contain wood shavings of known and acceptable origin and production uses almost entirely renewable energy.

A considerate choice

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When you choose our pellets you can rest assured that you have made a smart and sustainable choice.

When trees from responsibly managed and carefully controlled forests are sawn, we utilize residues – the sawdust – and manufacture pellets.

The pellets are manufactured from wood shavings of known and acceptable origin. SCA’s forests are responsibly managed from a long-term perspective, with the aim of having at least as much timber, biodiversity and nature experiences in the future as we have today. 

We have control over the entire raw material chain. From environmentally compatible forest operations to sawdust at the sawmill.

  • No trees are harvested for the sole purpose of making pellets.
  • Every tree that is harvested on SCA’s land is replaced with at least two new ones.
  • Almost all of the energy used in drying and pressing the pellets is from sustainable sources.

Environmentally friendly, renewable energy

No forest is harvested for the sole purpose of making pellets

Pellets can counteract climate change

High-quality, energy-rich pellet

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