Fossil-free start for the plants

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Bogrundet's nursery in Timrå is the world's largest forest nursery. SCA grows approx. 95 million seedlings every year at Bogrundet. A climate-friendly and good technical solution now supplies 14 greenhouses with pellet heating and 430 cubic meters of oil are replaced annually.

At the end of 2020, the first part of the heating plant at Bogrundet was completed. Now two large pellet boilers supply 14 greenhouses with heat from bioenergy, in the form of pellets, instead of fossil oil.

"We are happy to contribute to the climate benefit and SCA's sustainability work, where the forest is a central part - and it is at the nursery that the first step to a new forest begins. Now we give the plants an extra green start!"

Jackpot plantor

"The investment in new heating means that we reduce our oil use by 430 cubic meters per year. Since the combustion instead takes place with pellets, this means approx. 1,000 tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions per year. We  have a completely fossil-free facility that is one of the largest of its kind for this type of cultivation", says Thomas Vestman, head of the nursery.

The technical solution is based on a centrally located heating plant with two pellet boilers that are equipped with a flue gas purification system that reduces dust emissions to a minimum according to best available technology (BAT).

Via a district heating culvert consisting of insulated steel pipes, the heat is distributed to the 14 greenhouses and the hot water is distributed to 28 heat exchanger units. These aggregates are specially manufactured for Bogrundet's needs to provide the best effect in terms of heat and flow - all with the aim of making each forest plant grow as it should.

SCA's second nursery Wifstamo grows approximately 15 million forest seedlings per year. They have had fossil-free heating there for 10 years, thanks to the ability to use district heating from Östrand's pulp mill.