Two employees in an industrial environment.

Grow together with us

We are committed to your growth and development! Our philosophy is simple: every employee should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Because when employees grow, SCA as a company grows as well.

We encourage competence development, accountability, and the realization of your ideas. At SCA, you can take on challenging assignments, progress to new roles within the company, and access the best opportunities to become your best self.

  • With us, you'll experience significant trust and early responsibilities, supported by a variety of tools to excel in your tasks. Collaboration is highly valued, and in your daily work, you'll receive support from both competent colleagues and leaders.
  • There are multiple paths for development within SCA. You can deepen your knowledge in your current role, transition to different workplaces with similar tasks, switch roles within the same area, or even change your focus entirely.
  • Together with your manager, you work on your development plan that prepares you for the next step in your career or a new role. This plan aligns the company's needs with your personal ambitions.
  • We believe that the key to development lies in learning through everyday activities. Learning from each other, experimenting, and practical work are complemented by necessary job-related training.
  • Goal and development discussions are integral to our approach. These discussions involve follow-ups on your job satisfaction, evaluating goal achievements for the year, and setting future goals for your continued growth. These discussions form the foundation for understanding, building relationships, enhancing performance, and fostering development.
  • At SCA, we view internal mobility as an opportunity for ongoing growth within the company.

People make the success