SCA Cirrus is our series of superior degree green products, responsibly refined from our pulp production, including tall oil, turpentine, district heating and green electricity

Tall oil

We produce about 40 000 tons/year of tall oil (2020), comprising various wood substances extracted from the black liquor. The substance is derived from the resins and is also a renewable raw material for making bio-diesel.


Another green product is turpentine, yielding approximately 2 700 tons/year (2020) and is obtained by the sulphate process from chemical pulp production. The essential oils, found naturally in the wood, consist of a variety of diverse chemical compounds and can be used in the manufacture of perfumes and other cosmetic products. Essential oils may also be used as flavoring in food and beverages, including liqueurs, soft drinks, pastries and sweets.

District heating

An important Cirrus product is district heating, which is produced by excess heat from the the pulp processes - that are exchanged with the district heating networks in Timrå and Sundsvall municipality. SCA Östrand has an energy cooperation with E.ON in Timrå municipality when it comes to heat supply from Östrand's pulp mill.

SCA Östrand has an energy cooperation with E.ON with regard to heat supply from the Östrand pulp mill. This agreement means that SCA will supply approximately 90 GWh of heat on an annual basis to E.ON's district heating network in Timrå. The same amount will be delivered to the City of Sundsvall.

Green electricity

The mill is more than self-sufficient in electricity. Östrand generates 1,2 TWh green electricity from the turbines, or one percent of the total energy production in Sweden. We sell 600 GWh of green electricity online, which corresponds to the heating of about 40,000 households.