Quality and simplicity builds your dream

We offer a wide range of products for the construction trade. Smart timber products that not only help you save time, but also simplify your work and improve the project's finances. Everything to make it as easy as possible to build and live with wood.

When you choose from our further processed wooden products, you are offered a wide range that will meet your needs, all to make it easy to be a customer with us. Our assortment includes, among other things, standard dimensions and qualities and customized solutions of joists, batten, batten, untreated outer panel and painted outer panel as well as pressure-impregnated wood products.

With our concept SCA SmartTimber, we want to inspire and talk about our smart wood products that save time, contribute to climate benefits and improve the economy of your projects. We want to remind the end consumer, the carpenter and the architect that they should choose products from SCA SmartTimber.

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