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Pure pulp for a pure world

Here up north, in our cold climate, trees grow slowly resulting in strong and slender fibres ideal for making high quality pulp. SCA Pure is our NBSK pulp with world class properties and SCA Star is our CTMP pulp, high-quality pulp with good consistency and high environmental performance. It’s our ambition to be a flexible a proactive partner to our customers, sharing our application and best practise expertise.

Products with a strong environmental profile

Pure pulp for a pure world
SCA Pure is our premium-quality, northern bleached softwood kraft pulp, NBSK, with highly consistent quality and strong environmental performance, complying with both FSC® and PEFC™. It offers high strength properties, available as both TCF and ECF

Superior bulk
SCA Star is our chemical thermomechanicalpulp, CTMP, brand produced from spruce, birch, aspen and pine, and comprises five main grades; SCA Star, SCA Star Birch, SCA Star Birch+, SCA Star Aspen, and SCA Star Fluff.

Green, refined products
SCA Cirrus is our series of superior degree green products, responsibly refined from our pulp production, including tall oil, turpentine, district heating and green electricity

Pure, as in pure support
We are now stepping up our support offering. Our success is dependent on the success of our customers

We are now switching up our CTMP offer

New pulp mill in Sundsvall