Certified wood contributes to better climate. It goes without saying that our products are manufactured from raw materials grown in responsibly managed forests with respect for the ecological system and biological diversity.


Sustainability through timber

The use of wood contributes to sustainable development. When the forest grows carbon dioxide is absorbed. In turn, timber products sequester carbon dioxide during their period of use and can replace products that generate larger carbon emissions.

The growth of one cubic metre of wood in SCA's forests in northern Sweden sequesters 1.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Since the growth in SCA's forest is 25 percent higher than felling, a net total of 250 kg of carbon dioxide is sequestered for every cubic metre of sawn timber produced.

  • Certified wood contributes to a better climate.
  • Wood is a renewable and energy-efficient raw material.
  • The average of a timber building is about 100 years.
  • For each tree that SCA fells, three are replanted.
  • Wood-based materials provide cost efficiency and competitiveness in construction.
  • Solid wood products can be good substitutes for materials like steel, concrete and plastic as they generate much lower CO2 emissions.
  • Wood is light, has strong insulation properties, can store CO2 for a century or more and be used as a fuel in efficient energy production
  • The sawdust generated by the sawmills is used in the production of fuel pellets, which act as a substitute for oil as a heating source in both domestic homes and major energy production plants.
  • SCA BioNorr's fuel pellet production generates more than 800 GWh of energy per year, enough to heat 30,000 homes.

By-products gain new application areas

SCA Timber's by-products from the sawmill process can be put to new use as valuable raw materials integrated with SCA BioNorr, SCA Ortviken and SCA Östrand.

  • The bark is used as biofuel – for example, in our own timber drying process.
  • Sawdust and shavings are pressed into heating pellets or briquettes at SCA BioNorr.
  • The wood chips become the raw material for new products within SCA's pulp and paper industry.

SCA Timber Supply UK Sustainability

SCA Timber Supply UK is part of one of the world's most recognised sustainability champions, the SCA Group. Our product ranges are sourced and produced responsibly. We know our carbon footprint, and can help you understand yours.

Our timber supply chain starts at SCA's Bogrundet Tree Nursery, which grows 100 million new trees each year, for our own and other peoples' forests in Sweden. Our forests, which cover the area of 3.5 million football pitches, have been certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) system since January 1999.

Chain-of-Custody Certification

We hold Forest Stewardship Council® Chain-of-Custody; PEFC™ Chain of Custody; and are signatories to the Timber Trade Federation's Responsible Purchasing Policy.

We also provide pre-certification services to our customers, and have done so since 2004. We help you prepare for the necessary audit of your business, organising your systems through our award-winning 10-step approach.

Transport emissions

On transport, we cut our emissions by 50 percent in one sector of our business working in partnership with key transport providers to develop a 'no empty running' strategy. We continue to research areas for reduction, working with our customers to understand the impact of their delivery patterns on the carbon footprints of the timber products they buy from us.

Wood Waste

We are the first wood producer to sign WRAP's Halving Waste to Landfill Construction Sector Commitment. In Britain, our wood shavings go to the pet bedding market; in Sweden our sawmill waste goes into biofuel pellets.