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Human rights

Human rights and the equal value of everyone are an important aspect of SCA’s Code of Conduct.

SCA does not tolerate child labor or any other form of forced labor in our own facilities or the facilities of any business partner. We comply with applicable national laws and international standards on minimum age wherever we operate.

We promote fair working conditions, health and safety, and trade union rights of employees, and the right to collective bargaining is also central for us. We also respect the rights of indigenous peoples and consider their social, cultural, environmental and economic interests.

Violations of human rights are taken very seriously. These are reported and managed in the same manner as other violations of our Code of Conduct.

SCA has been a member of the UN Global Compact (SDGs) since 2008.This is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development ever adopted by countries around the world and it is based on human rights. 

Supplier Standard  

Our suppliers must also respect human rights. Our Supplier Standard states, for example, that all work must be performed on a voluntary basis and documentation must be available that verifies the ages of all employees, to guarantee that no child labor is used.

Suppliers must also respect the rights of indigenous peoples and consider their interests. They are to use a management system for their health and safety activities and policies that effectively prohibit discrimination and harassment, to mention a few examples.

The Supplier Standard is one way for us to ensure that we collaborate with business partners who share our values.