With its location and excellent access to road and rail links, Tilbury is the port of choice for onward distribution throughout the UK and France.

SCA Logistics relocated its terminal operations in the UK in the beginning of 2022 following a detailed strategic review of its customers cargo flows and delivery requirements. SCA Logistics has experience of managing its paper handling operations via Tilbury, having built and run its own terminal there from 1967 to 2015. 

Now, through its partnership agreement with the Port of Tilbury, SCA Logistics is able to handle containers and more than 250,000 tonnes of general cargo annually using around 350,000 sq ft of covered and open warehousing. Port of Tilbury, a Forth Ports facility, has a long history in cargo handling and is able to offer first class paper, general cargo and container handling services.

Goods can be handled either from road or vessel and can be carefully stored for onward distribution. Port of Tilbury’s modern equipment is supported by Briggs Engineering to ensure optimal fleet deployment at all times. 850 meters of lock enclosed berthing with a maintained dredged depth of between 9 meters and 12.2 meters ensures optimal berthing for vessels at all times.

The Ports dedicated workforce is highly skilled in the handling of all products and our joint reputation is earned from those providing high quality handling and storage services for imports and exports, as well as our own forwarding services for products between Scandinavian and UK markets.

Modern bar code scanning, bespoke stock administration software and strong EDI links ensure that SCA Logistics is able to competently respond to our customer's demand for quality management information and 100% stock accountability at all times.

SCA Logistics also has facilities in Dublin and Hull; offers UK forwarding services through its network of transport companies and offers shipping services to Northern Sweden and the European Continent.

Port of Tilbury and SCA Logistics holds ISO9001 and 14001 accreditation.