Close-up on a employee.

Leadership at SCA

SCA seeks leaders who inspire, challenge, and motivate employees to reach their full potential, contributing to the company's overarching goals. Curiosity is essential to tackling future challenges, along with a genuine interest in both people and business.

Our expectations for leaders are high and clear, and at the same time, we provide extensive support. This includes fundamental training for new leaders and leadership programs that enable more experienced leaders to take their skills to the next level. In addition to imparting valuable knowledge, these courses and programs facilitate the development of a network within the company.

We also offer specialized training on topics such as recruitment, rehabilitation, and leadership during organizational changes. Naturally, leaders receive support from their managers, and there are always knowledgeable colleagues available for consultation.

As a leader, you play a crucial role in engaging employees, guidance, and context. We expect leaders to set clear goals, conduct regular follow-ups and feedback sessions to foster development, and celebrate success. Building strong relationships, being present, and understanding the individual needs of each employee are qualities we value in our leaders.

For leaders, as with all our employees, the foundation of our approach is rooted in the core values: respect, responsibility, and excellence.