Climate benefit throughout the value chain

SCA is a leader in the fight against climate change. We are Europe's largest private forest owner and 2.7 million hectares of forest contribute to sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide. We are an important player to be reckoned with when it comes to climate benefit.

SCA's products, packaging paper, pulp, solid-wood products, biofuels and wind power are all good examples of how SCA is making a proactive contribution to the necessary transition to a fossil-free and sustainable society.

The forest contributes in several ways in these efforts. Growing trees capture CO₂ from the air – the better they grow, the more CO₂ they capture. As trees mature, they are harvested and made into products and fuels that replace alternatives based on finite and fossil raw materials. Where the harvested trees once stood, new seedlings are planted that grow into new trees. In 2022, SCA contributed a climate benefit of 10.1 million tonnes of CO₂, representing an important contribution to global efforts to combat climate change.

In addition to this, there is wind power. For historical reasons, SCA owns forest on high land between Norrland’s river valleys that provide excellent wind conditions. Renewable electricity is a crucial resource when society must transition in all areas to a more sustainable future.

All forest values

We nurture and manage the forest to ensure the gradual increase of its contribution to a sustainable future. Concurrently, we create thousands of jobs in northern Sweden, make a tangible contribution to a positive trade balance and nurture all of the forest’s other values, its biodiversity, nature experiences offered by the forest and the forest as a base for other businesses.

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  • 10.1million tons of carbon dioxide

    SCA's annual climate benefit
  • 11.4TWh

    Annual production of biofuels
  • 100%

    Chain of custody certified wood raw material
  • 11TWh

    Wind power in 2025

The entire tree is used - from trunk to crown

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