Packaging Concepts

Here you can see different possibilities by using Arcwise as a Packaging Concepts.


The Arcwise® tray opens up possibilities to pack a variety of different products in a new attractive way (e.g. beverage cans, snacks, bread etc.). Besides an attractive design, the rounded corners provide stability. This solution is designed for automatic erecting and filling.


The Arcwise® Wraparound is ideal for packing round shaped products, such as beverage cans etc. Due to the rounded corners, the wrap around packaging has high stability and stacking strength which ensure good protection of the products. The solution is designed for automatic erecting and filling.


The Arcwise® Tube packaging is a rigid and versatile packaging solution. The tube is an excellent packaging solution that makes products look premium while providing good protection. Different erecting and filling principles are available.

Bag in box

The Arcwise® bag-in-box brings new expressions to bag-in-box applications. Graphic design can be more or less seamlessly extended to include several panels. The solution is designed for automatic erecting and filling.


The Arcwise® Point-of–purchase displays are catching the consumers attention and make products more visible. By combining graphic design with a curved shaped display in a clever way, you have means for boosting sales.

Round front

The Arcwise® round front packaging is a solution with an attractive round shape. This solution is designed for erecting and filling in a manual/semi-automatic way.

Unique Solutions

The Arcwise® material makes it possible to create new and unique solutions that have not been possible before using conventional corrugated board.