A safe workplace

At SCA, health and safety have the highest priority. For several years, we have been engaged in the ZERO program, aiming for the vision that every person returns home healthy and unharmed from work. The name reflects our vision – that the number of workplace accidents should be zero.

While we've implemented numerous practical measures to eliminate various risks, the most crucial aspect is the transformation of behavior. We employ BBS, Behavior-Based Safety, emphasizing mutual care and collaborative efforts to ensure safety.

Since ZERO's initiation, we've successfully reduced sick leave by over 800 days per year. This achievement is not only beneficial for SCA but, more significantly, it is vital for each individual who avoids injuries at work. Our commitment to the zero-vision remains steadfast as we persist in our efforts.

In addition to diligently working to minimize workplace accidents, we address various aspects to foster a healthy company. Achieving a balance in life, ensuring security, and promoting well-being are essential components that contribute to our overall sense of fulfillment.