Two happy employees beside a table.

Our professions

At SCA, you can engage in a wide array of roles, from operational technology to communication and forestry. Our offices and production facilities offer over 250 diverse professional positions. Despite this variety, a common thread runs through our work – with the force of the forest, we create sustainable solutions for customers worldwide.

A selection of our professions


In production and processes, operators play a critical role in ensuring the optimal operation of our facilities. They operate from control rooms and on-site at the machines. The work involves different shift patterns with extended breaks in between. Operators are specialized in energy, pulp, fiber, sawmills, soda recovery boilers, and steam plants.

Forestry professions 

The forest is the core of our operations. We manage SCA's forests and provide our industries with wood raw materials. Additionally, we offer services to private forest owners. Diverse forestry professions include roles such as forest planners, production managers, forest conservation managers, and nature conservation specialists. Many employees are involved in procuring wood from private forest owners, simultaneously offering various forestry services and providing support in their forestry practices.


Maintenance is critical for the continuous high-quality operation of our machines 24/7. In the maintenance department, we tackle operational disruptions, preventive maintenance, and improvement projects. We operate a central maintenance organization in the Sundsvall area and on-site maintenance at several units. Roles include electrical and automation technicians, industrial electricians, maintenance engineers, and high-voltage engineers.


IT supports SCA operations by focusing on project and delivery management, design and architecture, IT infrastructure, and IT security. Major transformations and continuous improvements are part of our daily routine. Key focus areas include implementing a new business system, maintaining a stable infrastructure, robust IT security, and creating conditions for our ongoing digital journey. Roles include system administrator, system engineer, software developer, or IT architect.


SCA annually procures external goods and services for significant amounts, with the procurement organization supporting the entire operation. Procurement plays a vital role in continuous improvements in our supplier chain, strengthening our competitiveness by consistently working with reliable suppliers, goods, services, and business models. Roles include project buyer, category buyer, business-specific buyer, business developer, and leadership roles at various levels.


SCA Logistics provides competitive logistics solutions for both SCA's internal requirements and external customer needs, covering a wide range of services from land transport to terminal handling and global marine transport. Potential roles within SCA Logistics include freight forwarder, dockworker, logistics planner, ship agent, business developer, salesperson, buyer, and leadership roles at various levels.


The finance team at SCA is involved in a diverse range of responsibilities, covering tasks such as accounting, financial statement management, credit oversight, treasury functions, investment activities, and financial control. Roles within the finance department are distributed across central staff functions and business-specific units in industries and sawmills. Business services within this domain extend financial support throughout the entire company. Examples of roles within finance encompass business controller, finance assistant, and group financial controller.

Marketing, sales, and communication

The dynamic field of marketing, sales, and communication at SCA involves employees who serve as our voice, both externally and internally. Their responsibilities go beyond promoting our products and interacting with customers; they also engage with diverse target groups essential to achieving our objectives. Internal communication is recognized as a critical element of our success. Within this realm, roles include product specialist, sales manager, inside salesperson, business developer, marketing communicator, and communication strategist. 

Renewable energy

For those passionate about contributing to a sustainable future harnessing the power of the forest and wind, our Renewable energy sector invites you to play a vital role. Here, you can actively participate in creating energy from forest by-products and contribute to our wind power initiative on our land. Join us on our growth journey, where your commitment to sustainability can make a significant impact.

Forestry entrepreneurs

If you have your own business or are considering starting one in harvesting, thinning, or forestry, seize the opportunity to collaborate with us. Our entrepreneur support concept is designed to foster the development of entrepreneurial businesses in partnership with SCA. Embrace this chance to grow with us and contribute to the sustainable management of forestry resources.