Survives Longer

This Kraftliner provides maximum protection against humidity and fluctuating temperatures throughout the supply chain. Ideal for long-term storage, chemicals, fresh produce and other demanding applications.


SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength is produced with a base layer of mainly fresh fibre and a surface layer of the finest unbleached fresh fibre, providing excellent strength, long-life durability and maximum protection.


Thanks to its unique properties, SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength delivers outstanding performance even in the most extreme environments. This makes it an excellent choice when transporting hazardous goods or when your product needs extra protection.



SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250

Our customers in the fruit-and-vegetables segment told us they needed a lower grammage containerboard that was robust enough to stand up to humidity and cyclical climates.


So we developed SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength 250, with just the right balance of strength and cost-effectiveness. While meeting the grammage requirements of a true Kraftliner, it’s still lighter than others in the wet-strength category.


The durability of this Kraftliner reduces the risk of the box’s collapsing and the risk of spillage and waste in the supply chain. It could also remove a step from the production process by eliminating the need to wax liners

1750 kPa

Highest bursting strength on the European market

SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength
SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength

The survivor

Your box may be exposed to hot, dry or humid climates. It can be put on long journeys or stucked in a freezer for long time storage. Whatever tomorrow brings SCA Kraftliner Wet Strength survives longer.

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Myth busters

Myth: Paper made from recycled fibre is a more responsible choice than paper made from fresh fibre.

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