SCA Containerboard is made from a renewable resource. Our exceptionally strong, fresh wood fibre from sustainably managed forests not only means superior results and durability. It also means a more sustainable, higher-quality product cycle because the fresh fibre can be reused many times, thereby securing raw material for new products.


In short, by using SCA Containerboard you’re helping to care for the environment through more efficient use of resources. Which brings us all closer to a better, more sustainable world.

How green are we? About 2.6 million hectares and growing.

When your success depends on growing resources – literally – sustainability is not a question of business image. It’s everything.


Sustainability has long been embedded in the SCA way of working. Our ambition is for our sustainability work to be world class, and our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions based on safe, resource-efficient and sound sourcing.


SCA is the largest private forest owner in Europe with more than 2.6 million hectares (equivalent to the size of Belgium) in northern Sweden. The trees in our forests absorb a full 8% of Sweden’s fossil fuel emissions.


We combat climate change and continuously strive to minimise our environmental impact. And we put our money where our mouth is — from new innovations and technologies, to massive carbon sequestering in our forests. For every tree we use, we plant three new ones, securing a sustainable forest that has seen a steady net growth over the last thirty years.

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Certified sustainability

SCA Containerboard is chain-of-custody certified in accordance with FSC™ (FSC™ C013162) and PEFC (PEFC/05-33-132) standards and offers both FSC™-and PEFC-certified forest products. Our environmental, quality, energy and occupational health and safety management systems are all certified according to ISO standards.


SCA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of FSC™-and PEFC-certified forest products. The certification means that the company complies with the guidelines for responsible forestry.

More about our certificates

WWF's Enviromental Paper Company Index

SCA Containerboard has increased its scores overall from
75,3% in 2013 to 77,3% in 2017.

Our certificates and labels

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