Tjäderberget Conservation Park in Västerbotten is quite hilly with four large peaks. Here are beautiful deciduous woodland, pine-dominated stands of varying ages as well as marshy woodland and woodland streams.

Tjäderberget covers 1,303 hectares and is located 25 kilometers southwest of Lycksele in the Municipality of Vindeln. The park borders the Tjäderberget Nature Reserve. The Västerbotten County Administrative Board has designated the area one of the three most valuable deciduous woodland areas in the county, since many unusual species have been discovered in the area linked specifically to deciduous trees.

The park's woodlands boast high nature conservation values and some remnants from earlier settlements. 

beautiful view in Tjäderberget

Beautiful pine forests

The area is quite hilly with four large peaks surrounding the lake Inre Kroksjön that slope steeply toward marshy and lakeside areas in certain places. Currently, the forests mainly comprise a mix of older stands (older than 80) and young stands (younger than 40). The older forest primarily comprises pine-dominated stands and broadleaf-dominated mixed forests.

The forests in the park are very valuable for many red-listed insects that are dependent on pine and deciduous trees. The park is also home to the lesser spotted woodpecker, the three-toed woodpecker and the Eurasian Wryneck and numerous red-listed species of fungi, moss and lichens.


To promote the nature conservation values in the park, SCA will increase the proportion of deciduous woodland, set controlled burns, actively create dead wood and leave certain areas to evolve freely, among other activities.

The park in figures

  • 1 303 hectare total, of which app 960 hectare are productive forest land 
  • 550 hectares are managed for preserve or develop nature consideration values 
  • The forests consist of 66% pine, 12% spruce, 15 % deciduous trees and 7% Pinus contorta (Lodgepole pine).
  • 23% of the forests has high conservation values. 
  • 36% of the forests har an average age of 90 years, or older. 

SCA test alternative harvesting method

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