Everything to contribute to your greatest potential

With our products, the workplaces, homes and meeting places of the future are built adapted to tomorrow's needs and requirements. We are convinced that our products are part of the future and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you as a customer to contribute to a more sustainable future built from wood.

We offer industrial projects mainly to the Scandinavian market. It´s a product portfolio with a focus on quality and profitability. Tailored and simple to contribute to your greatest potential. With our wood products, your projects can achieve sustainability over certification systems and calculations. Profitable, time efficient and easy for you.

You get a comprehensive range of solid wood products such as strength-graded construction timber, outer panel, dimensionally planed timber, laths, base rafters, planks and shaped timber.

Cutting based on your needs

We provide the entire range in precisely cut lengths based on the needs of the project, regardless of whether it is frames or frame complementing materials. Simpler orders can be item packed to facilitate handling and logistics on the construction site.

By choosing precisely cut timber, waste on the construction site is minimized and no time is needed for cutting and fitting before assembly, with an accuracy of ± 2 mm depending on the length and type of processing.

The delivery time is approximately ten days for stocked assortment. Deliveries are gathered to building trades, distribution centers or the construction industry.

Processed products that save time

Many construction projects require various types of machined studs, which is often time-consuming. It can be notched, drilled, chamfered, mitered, split and painted. By letting SCA do the processing, the construction time is shortened and a better project economy is achieved. The accuracy is ± 2 mm depending on the length and type of processing.

Project planning

The basis for an order can be anything from a hand-drawn sketch to a drawing from a construction program. The important thing is that dimensions, lengths and numbers are included together with a description of the processing to be done. For construction calculations, we refer to an authorized designer or building engineer.

On request, we can provide finger jointed outer panel and joists as well as glulam in cooperation with our subcontractors.

The customer's needs in focus 

We offer you customized products and services to make your everyday life easier. Through our offer, we improve the construction project's total cost and climate impact.

We will get back to you with a response to an incoming quote request within 48 hours. Exact delivery time is specified when calling.

• Time from ready-made order to delivery a maximum of 20 working days

• Delivery precision within 4 hours after agreement

• We offer you flexible handling of long delivery plans for large projects

• A product portfolio with a focus on quality and service