Product information wood fuel pellets

We have manufactured pellets for more than 30 years and have learnt what it takes to make energy-rich pellets with high and consistent quality. The more consistent the quality, the more likely you will experience problem-free heating.

Advantages of pellets from SCA

  • High energy content and consistent quality
  • Values exceeding the Swedish Standards Institute and European Standard
  • ENplus is available
  • Our pellet products only contain wood shavings of known and acceptable origin
  • Production uses almost exclusively renewable energy
  • Some technical advisory services are available for even better pellets burning

How to order

Technical facts

  • 4.9kWh/kg

    Energy content, at least
  • 650kg/m3

    Volume weight, approx.
  • 0.5%

    Ash content, less than
  • 7%

    Moisture content