With the aim of developing more wind power, SCA is investigating the possibility of establishing a wind farm in the municipality of Sundsvall.

A maximum of 22 wind turbines with a maximum total height of 290 meters are planned within the project area.

The estimated net production of electricity from 22 wind turbines in the area is expected to amount to 550 GWh per year, which corresponds to the annual need for household electricity for approximately 110,000 households. However, the actual net production of electricity may be even higher, taking into account the development of technology.

Facts -Tjärdalsberget

Technology:Wind power
Turbines:max 22
Tipheight:max 290 m
Estimated production:550 HWh


Carina Viklund, Project leader

Carina Viklund

Project leader

Susanne Jansryd, Project leader

Susanne Jansryd

Project leader