Marine- and land transportation

SCA Logistics provides competitive logistic solutions including marine- and land transportation services within Europe and to oversea markets. Our business is supported by a strategically network of terminals in Europe and North America.


We combine all modes of transportation to find the best and most competitive solution in order to add value in the supply chain. Large volumes are moved by truck, rail and barge all the way to the final receiver. The large volume base is utilized in global tenders and SCA´s buying power gives all our customers access to competitive and sustainable solutions with partners following SCA´s Global Supplier Plattform.

RoRo vessels

Container Express

Road and Rail


SCA Logistics offers shipping with Container- and RoRo vessels. Here below you will find our time schedules.

Timetable RoRo

Our RoRo system offers a reliable service with a fixed sailing schedule.

Timetable ContEx, to be updated during autumn 2024

SCA Logistics container vessel, Container Express, operates the route Rotterdam-Sundsvall-Umeå. The vessel run according to a regular and weekly schedule. The SCA Logistics ContEx traffic is currently paused, more information will come during autumn 2024.

    Jonas  Nilsson, Sales manager, SCA Logistics

    Jonas Nilsson

    Sales manager, SCA Logistics

    Karolina  Johansson, Sales representative, SCA Logistics

    Karolina Johansson

    Sales representative, SCA Logistics

    Sandra Lindroos, Sales representative, SCA Logistics

    Sandra Lindroos

    Sales representative, SCA Logistics

    Terms & Conditions

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