Galtström ironworks

Galtström Ironworks, SCA’s cradle, is located on the coast a short distance south of Sundsvall and is owned and managed by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA. The area is a pleasant destination for anyone interested in visiting a preserved ironworks environment or interested in studying the coastal flora at one of the beaches nearby.

Galtström Ironworks was founded in 1673 and is Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA's oldest predecessor. Galtström Ironworks is Medelpad's oldest, largest and last ironworks and was in operation until 1916.

The works environment is carefully preserved and many of the old works buildings can be visited, including the roasting and blast furnace, the church and the bakery. The small chapel  in Galtström was built as early as 1680. The same year, the works was assigned its own priest, who also worked as a teacher, as was the practice at that time. Today, the church is a popular venue for weddings and christenings.

Destination Galtströms Bruk is a non-profit association that seeks to develop and preserve our unique Galtström, together with SCA and other private and public sector players and private individuals in the area. This is so that we can in the future create an attractive offering and services for both visitors and residents.

The aim is to create a Galtström that will attract more visitors and also encourage more people to settle in Galtström, thereby improving accessibility, employment and services in the area.

Anything introduced into the village must be deeply rooted or well adapted to the historical environment. The aim is to manage and develop a heritage that is only on loan to those of us who live and work here today. In this respect, it is important to show consideration for the environment, culture and the community, and the fact that historic buildings can be found throughout the area.

Njurundakusten Conservation Park

Galtström ironworks is a part of SCA´s conservation park Njurundakusten. The park comprises 2,300 hectares and is mostly characterized by a long undeveloped stretch of coastline, lagoons, flower-rich shore meadows, pine forests, wetlands, alder swamp and shingles.

The park area stretches from Junibosand in the north, past Lörudden and Galtström in the south, all the way down to Oxsand on the Hälsingland border. The park is adjacent to two marine nature reserves, Salen and Långören. 

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The Galtström cultural trail

The cultural trail follows a signposted loop through Galtström. Scan the QR code on the signs with your smartphone to learn about these historical stories.