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SCA annually buys external goods and services for large amounts. SCA's purchasing organization is a supporting function to other business areas within the company. The work as a buyer with us spans many different areas of expertise and is both exciting and varied. Here you get the opportunity for continuous development and even if you often work independently, you are part of a larger team.

Job duties with us

As a buyer at SCA, you contribute to the work of continuous improvements in our supply chain, where we strive to strengthen our competitiveness by constantly working with reliable suppliers, goods, services and business models. The work as a buyer spans many different areas of expertise and is exciting and varied. Examples of competence areas that are relevant in purchasing are e.g. business interest, negotiation, law, finance, technology and data analysis.

Project purchasing

Category-based purchasing

Business-related purchasing

As a buyer in the IT category, I get to be involved in many of SCA's operations by running and participating in projects and procurements, this entails contact with internal and external stakeholders.

Petra Blückert, Category-based purchasing

I like that it's full speed, my passion is service and it gives me a kick to help others find what they need at the right time at the right price. I am proud to work at SCA, for me they are a safe employer that gives me the opportunity to develop.

Elin Backlund, Business-related purchasing

I like to be part of both large and small projects, there can be great variety in my various assignments and no two days are the same. I also have a great deal of personal responsibility to shape my role, it suits me.

Mats Altin, Project purchasing